Manu Beffa
is a Swiss Graphic Designer & Art Director, born in Sweden, based in Zurich.

The studio creates custom print and digital design solutions for clients of a wide variety. Shaping and sharpening content in a close and participatory exchange with project partners is a privilege and the ideal way to visually translate it and develop creative ideas leading to unique design concepts. In Manu Beffa's work a bold focus lays on typography and color.

Main competencies are the development of
- Visual Identities, Branding and Naming
- Books and Editorial Design
- Poster Design
- Web Design
- Signage for buildings & events

For cross-media solutions Manu Beffa works with a great creative network of photographers, programmers, animators, illustrators, texters and producers.


Blue Marble, Zürich
Elasana, Bern
Edition De Caro, Einsiedeln
Edition Patrick Frey, Zürich
GSEST, Gesellschaft für entwicklungspsychologische Sprachtherapie, Zürich
Figurentheater Hand im Glück, Zürich
Kalkbreite Genossenschaft, Zürich
LEXIAN GmbH, Zürich
Lea Lu, Musikerin, Zürich
Praxis für kleine Kinder, Winterthur
Seebad Enge, Zürich
Seebad Utoquai, Zürich
Smith&Smith, Zürich
The Soulspace Yoga, Zürich
Miteinander GmbH, Zürich
Winyl, Zürich
Xenix Kino, Zürich
Younion Yoga, Zürich
ZAL, Zürcher Arbeitsgemeinschaft Lehrpersone­n­weiterbildung, Zürich
ZHdK, Zürich
ZFV, Zürich


Self-employed since 2017

Büro4, Zürich

Studio Noi, Zürich

ZHdK Bachelor of Arts in Design, Zürich
Visual Communication
University of the Arts Zürich

Freelance Graphic Designer, Zürich

desFils, Montréal, Canada

Büro Nord, Küssnacht